Meet Kate.

Welcome to this crazy, whirlwind life of mine (also known as Kate’s Balancing Act.) Between being a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, student, engineer, hunter, volunteer and so many other things…my free time seems to be limited these days. I decided to start this blog as a getaway place for me; a place where I can release stress, talk about my daily life, and discuss how I manage to balance everything I have going on. I hope in doing so, I can give you some entertainment and maybe advice on how to balance a crazy hectic life! You might even get to see a few DIY crafts I do and new recipes I try, if you’re lucky. 😉 I’d like to start this off by introducing myself. Here is the low-down on me:

1. I’ve been a hunter ever since I was twelve years old. It is something I have been around my whole life, since many of my family members are hunters as well. Until last year, I only hunted deer & pheasant with my pops. My husband (who will be referred to as Chadd from now on) introduced me to waterfowl hunting and needless to say, I’m hooked. I’m looking to expand more and start bow hunting as well, but let’s face it…that costs more than we can afford right now! (Another random fact related to this, because I’m left eye dominant, I shoot a gun left-handed. Everything else I do is right-handed. So weird.)

IMG_6298[1] IMG_1065[1]

2. Let me tell you about Chadd. He and I met in December of 2012 through a mutual friend (aka my best friend, Niki) and were already seriously dating by the following January. Two months later, we moved in together. And recently, this past August, we decided to tie the knot and get married. We moved extremely fast and I do not regret a single thing. All that bullshit about ‘when you know, you know’ is true. And I didn’t believe any of it until I met Chadd!


3. I was a machinist for about two years, which is what I originally went to school for. Due to back problems, I’m now at a desk job as an engineer and still currently attending school to get my 3rd degree which will be Mechanical Design. I have mixed feelings about this.

4. I was an Irish dancer for over eight years and was forced to quit due to knee surgery. It still has a huge place in my heart and I still (embarrassingly enough) tear up watching other dancers perform. I’m lucky enough to babysit for two awesome little girls who are now Irish dancers, and I’m blessed to be able to partake in this part of their lives.

IMG_4921[1] IMG_4919[1]

5. I was an only child for about twelve years. My parents divorced and when my dad got together with my step-mom (who I will refer to as Mom from now on) I was thrown into a pack of wolves (aka her three children…two boys, one girl). I was so extremely shy (hard to believe if you know me now) that I didn’t know what to do. Now, about ten years later, I no longer ever consider myself an only child. I tell people I have three older siblings. No they’re not blood related and never will be, but I will always treat them as if they were. I am truly blessed that God put them in my life.


6. I am a HUGE breast cancer advocate. I’ll get more into this later…

7. I’m pretty sure I’m OCD when it comes to cleaning and organizing. Messy things, clutter, and things out of order make me absolutely crazy. Ask Chadd.

8. I’ve driven a truck since I was fifteen. Between Chadd and I, we have two trucks and one car. I will gladly drive either truck over the car any day (even though it is like a race car!). But I’ve always felt safer in a truck.

9. I have a HUGE sweet tooth, thanks Dad! This leads to me getting absolutely absurd cravings at the weirdest times. I’m scared to find out how that goes when I’m pregnant. Sorry babe!

10. I have very few true friends, and I’m okay with that. I will do absolutely ANYTHING for these people.

So these were the most random facts I could come up with, and I had a hard time even coming up with ten! I hope you enjoyed and come back to visit soon! Please let me know some things you’d like to either know about me or things you’d like me to post about. I’ll always ask for my reader’s advice.

P.S. This is about as real as it gets. 😉


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