Tour Time

I’m a very proud DIY’er and love showing off my not-so-perfect Pinterest crafts. With this being said, I’m going to take you on a tour of our apartment. BUT since our apartment is a studio apartment, a.k.a. only one room, I will only share with you my favorite details.

Canvas Paintings
These were some of the very first things I made for our apartment. We have this empty space on the side of a door and with me being OCD, I figured this would be a perfect place to hang some key ring/holder thing-a-ma-bobs. I looked around online for some to purchase, but they were simply out of my price range for what I wanted to pay so this is when I turned to Pinterest. I was inspired by some pins I saw and this was the end result.


“You’re my kind of crazy.” Lyrics from our song by Brantley Gilbert. Self-explanatory. Although it is sloppy, I still love this canvas. It is proudly hung on the cabinets above our island in the kitchen and always reminds me of when Chadd and I met.


DIY Calendar
Again, as most of the things in this post will be, this was an idea I got from Pinterest. I knew I wanted a calendar somewhere because it helps me feel more organized than I probably am. But I didn’t want a cheesy dog calendar or something. I wanted something personal. So I bought a “floating frame” thing from Jo-Ann fabrics with a 40% off coupon, and some dry-erase markers from the dollar store, and about $10 later I have a personalized calendar! I already had the metal tin hanging things from when I lived at home and this was a perfect place to put them to put mail in and such.


Bathroom Paint Job
We’ve lived in our apartment for about a year and a half now….and this is already the second time we’ve painted the bathroom. And by far the most time-consuming but the most awesome ever. Pinterest-inspired chevron walls with matching accessories. We bought the towels we wanted from Target, took them to Home Depot, and had the paint matched perfectly. Although the dark grey kinda looks black on the wall, in my head I know it’s not. So it makes it okay. I still have a couple other ideas of what I’d like to do with the bathroom (more accessories) but this will do for now.


Coffee Table Deco
I am continuously, and maybe slightly obsessively, pinning “cozy living rooms”. When I went back and looked at the board, I noticed one thing a lot of my pins had in common…lots of candles and some sort of tray. Off to Hobby Lobby we go, and we found this awesome tray, and mosaic candle holders. We already had the bowl of balls (it’s okay, I laughed at this too) and the mason jars with burlap and lace are leftover from our wedding. Not sure if they go, but I like them too much to have them sitting on a shelf in the closet. The antler frame was a gift from my mom that she gave us after using it as a decoration for my rustic/hunting themed bridal shower. The book on the tray was a Shutterfly book I made for Chadd for an anniversary.


Scentsy Warmers
Around this time last year is when my Scentsy obsession started. Sorry wallet. And sorry babe. BUT I LOVE having an apartment that smells soo yummy. Especially with having a cat, I don’t want to be that friend that people hate coming over because it smells like cat piss. Gross. So although our apartment is technically one room, it doesn’t stop me rom having five Scentsy warmers on at once….I told you I was obsessed. You can smell it when you walk in all the way downstairs. And if I spend the whole day in the apartment then leave, I get told I smell like a candle. Whatever, still better than cat piss. My newest addition is my mason jar warmer which arrived yesterday after patiently waiting for like six weeks. By far my fav.


Wedding Photo
While waiting for our wedding photo disc, this lovely framed photo arrived. Hubs had it hung up above our bed before I even got home that day. IN LOVE WITH IT. There will be a ridiculous amount of wedding photos hung up once we get them.


Hope you enjoyed the “tour” of our apartment and maybe even inspired you to do some DIY crafts! 🙂


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