Women and Weightlifting

Disclosure: If you were too stupid to tell from the title (or it was just too intriguing to not read up on) this article is directed to my female readers. Sorry fellas…I’ll try to come up with a topic just for you. Throw out some ideas??

Starting on winter break, I will begin a new workout regimen. Fair warning: this new workout regimen involves lifting up a weight…and not just your free fishbowl drinks, on ladies night, to your mouth. I will share more on it as that time gets closer so you can follow me on my journey to becoming a hot, fit bitch (both naked and with clothes on). Be jealous. Or join me on my journey! If you’re interested…let me know. I can send you more info. But until then, my good friend Kelly is joining us today to give us her professional opinion on females lifting weights…sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy! (No seriously, do it now before you join me in becoming a fit bitch and can’t be lazy anymore…)

Hi! I’d like to start by thanking Kate for letting me post on her blog. 🙂  Now, let me introduce myself and give you a little background. I met Kate about a year ago, through Intsagram (crazy! We know!).  She started following me and we bonded over a body cleanse, and then I had the pleasure of getting her addicted to Scentsy! I studied at UW-Parkside and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Fitness Management, along with being a Certified Personal Trainer (through ACE). I have been training for just over two years. I fell in love with fitness about seven years ago. I knew I wanted to work out but wasn’t sure what to do. After doing the research for myself, I decided to make it a career.

Today, I am going to write about a topic I encounter at least a few times a day; whether being asked, or through social media.  Women and Lifting!


I get told ALL of the time that if a female lifts weights, they will end up looking like a man. And I am here to tell you that is ALL WRONG!!  Lifting weights actually helps speed up the weight loss process. So ladies, if you want to lose body fat, PICK UP THE WEIGHTS!! The only way you will get bulky and look like a man is:  if you eat, train and take the specific supplements to look that way.

However, you WILL get amazing curves and a nice booty, who doesn’t want that! Lifting will help you lose 40% more fat! “Penn State researchers put dieters into three groups—no exercise, aerobic exercise only, or aerobic exercise and weight training—they all lost around 21 pounds, but the lifters shed six more pounds of fat than those who didn’t pump iron. Why? The lifters’ loss was almost pure fat; the others lost fat and muscle.” (Women’s Health Magazine, 2014)  Cardio helps you look good in clothes, but lifting helps you look good naked 😉 (Cough cough, this is what I’m talking about ladies!!! ~Kate) “As you build muscle, your body begins to take a nice hourglass shape.” (Bodybuilding.com, 2014)


Working out is proven to help you reduce stress. “Scientists determined that the fittest people exhibited lower levels of stress hormones than those who were the least fit.” (Women’s Health Magazine, 2014). Women who lift, will also get into shape faster. Working out releases endorphins, feel good chemicals in the brain. These endorphins can change your mood. So, if you are feeling down, go LIFT!


Lifting weights can improve your self-esteem and boost your confidence. You will begin to feel better about yourself, and others will notice your improvements.  I don’t know about you, but when someone tells me they noticed the improvements, it makes me feel good about myself.  Hitting new personal records (PR’s), and doing something I couldn’t do before makes me feel great! Just last week I hit a new PR! I went up in weight in my close grip lat pull down. This was huge for me! 3 years ago I was discharged from physical therapy due to a back injury. There was nothing more my therapist could do to help the daily pain go away, let alone lessen.  I have been seeing a chiropractor regularly now for the past 2 and a half years….so I am sure you can see how hitting a new PR with a back exercise would  help boost my self-esteem and confidence.

I hope this post will help shed some light on the whole women and lifting stereotype that has been in place for some time now. If any of you has any questions about anything fitness related, feel free to email me (lopez_cpt@hotmail.com).  I also provide online personal training.

So there ya have it ladies. Lifting a damn weight will NOT make you look like a man…just a sexy bitch. So join me in this movement of proving the haters wrong. Lift some weights, feel better, be less stressed, and most importantly flaunt your new body for the new year!



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