Polar Plunge 2015

Well I think it is safe to say that winter is here and it is treacherous…again…as usual here in Wisconsin. And of course, just in time for the Polar Plunge! Here I am, in the middle of December, thinking “the Polar Plunge will be a piece of cake this year…it’s been in the 30’s and 40’s all month!”  HA! Nope.

If you’re not familiar with the Polar Plunge, let me fill you in. “Polar Plunge is the winter fundraiser for Special Olympics. Since 1999, plungers have raised nearly $18 million for Wisconsin athletes, giving them opportunities to participate in year-round sports, health and educational programming – and most importantly – experience joy, pride and respect. Last year, 455 brave souls took the plunge in Milwaukee. The best part? After their bodies returned to 98.6°F and the donations were tallied, they raised more than $78,000 for Special Olympics Wisconsin. Booyah.” So basically you raise money to jump in freezing Lake Michigan. I’m not joking when I say it’s freezing…they literally have to saw through and remove ice for us to do this. It’s insane. But, of course, for an absolutely good cause. Below are some photos from the past plunges I did.
In Milwaukee, there are two “polar plunges”. One is on New Year’s Day just for the hell of it and then there is one that usually takes place in February or March which benefits the Special Olympics, which is the one I do. People ask me why I don’t just do the one on New Year’s Day and my answer is always “because why the hell would I jump into Lake Michigan in the middle of winter for no damn reason?” I wouldn’t. I’m crazy, but not quite that crazy y’all. If I’m going to do it, I’m going to raise money for a good cause to do it. You must raise a minimum of $75 to participate and of course there are always incentives to raise more. This year I’ve set a goal to raise a minimum of $500. This is a bit higher than my goals the past four years but I’ve always reached my past goals and wanted to see if i could get $500 for my 5th year! This year the plunge is on Valentine’s Day (February 14th) and I must reach my goal by then.
The first two years, I was able to recruit some other crazies to do it with me. The last two years though no one would join me. 😦 So if you’re in the Milwaukee area, let me see if I can convince you to join my team this year!

Here’s the low down:
– McKinley Marina, February 14th, 2015 @ 10am
– Register online here & raise a minimum of $75 before February 14th (If you have questions on registering and/or fundraising just ask me! Make sure you join my team… “Bearly Frozen”!)
– Mentally prepare yourself for a few minutes of complete frozen-ness

Here are some perks!
– You must wear shoes while plunging. This is a perk because it saves your toesies from falling off.
– You choose the clothes you want to wear. Some people go all out in costumes and others just wear swim suits. In the past, I wore a swimsuit with a team t-shirt over it. But I quickly learned, the less clothing the better because you can just change into dry, warm faster. So I’ve worn just a swim suit the last two years. (See above photos for reference.)
– The time you’re in the water is quick…you’re back on solid ground in 5-10 seconds. You’ll be surprised how quick you move once you hit that water!
– You choose how far into the water you go. Unfortunately for me, every year except last year I’ve fallen completely under! Haha
– There is wet-suited professional divers in the water at all times to assist you.
– There is a professional photographer standing on solid ground behind said divers to get good photos of you doing this! See below photo.
– There are heated tents for you to change into afterwards.
– There is food vendors, live music, a super cute mascot to take photos with and a souvenir shop to hang out around before/after you plunge…in a heated tent of course!

Still not convinced?! Here are some other options…
– “Too chicken to plunge” meaning you still raise money and still get incentives but don’t actually go in the water.
– Donate to my personal page here and help me reach my goal of $500 by February 14th!! I’ll be sure to update you with more freezin’ photos as proof!

Thank you in advance! 😉


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