Five Do’s & Don’ts of Valentine’s Day

Whether you like it, love it, or hate it…Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. So I’m going to help you out with some Do’s & Don’ts of Valentine’s day no matter what your status is!

  1. DO figure out if you’re even celebrating or not.
    1. SINGLE – find a friend or friends to celebrate with, or throw an anti-Valentine’s day party for all your single friends! Who knows, you could find someone special!
    2. TAKEN – discuss if you want to celebrate this ‘Hallmark holiday’ or if you’re going to pass this year. And keep in mind; you don’t have to spend a lot, or any money, to celebrate!
  2. DO set a spending limit.
    1. SINGLE – if you’ve decided to throw an anti-Valentine’s day party, set a spending limit for party supplies. This is good practice for any party you’re hosting because you don’t want to get in over your head. If you’re not throwing a party, limit yourself to how many drinks your drown yourself in. This is for the safety of you and the people on your drunk texting list. You don’t want to be this person…
    2. TAKEN – agree on a spending limit, and for God’s sake STICK TO IT! If you have a limit set, and one person goes over that limit, the other person will always feel bad. AVOID THIS and just follow the damn limit!
  3. DON’T wait until last minute for gifts and especially reservations.
    1. SINGLE – party planners: depending on the theme and location you go with, this is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re not celebrating at all, ignore this one!
    2. TAKEN – if you’re getting a classic, store bought gift (which I DON’T recommend), don’t wait until its slim pickings at the store. GO NOW! If you’re buying online, order NOW! If you need to get supplies to make something (I DO recommend this) get supplies NOW! As for reservations, MAKE THEM NOW! Nothing worse than your significant other being mad when they find out the day of that you’re going to end up at the McDonald’s drive-thru for dinner…believe me, I’ve seen this happen…it’s NOT pretty…
  4. DON’T give cheesy gifts – get creative!
    1. SINGLE – if you’re planning an anti-Valentine’s day party – get creative with your party favors. Maybe buy the classic chocolate hearts and cut them all in half to make broken hearts. I don’t know…use your imagination.
    2. TAKEN – I’ve seen a lot of good ideas on Pinterest this year. Another place with good ideas is The Dating Divas. They’re geniuses over there. Last year I got Chadd these. It was a big hit. 😉 (P.S. ONLY THREE DAYS LEFT TO ORDER FROM HERE TO GET IT ON TIME!)The year before I made him brownies and cut them out to say “I ❤ U” and had a stranger deliver them. Which was a little weird, thinking about it now. Whatever.
  5. DO enjoy the day – no matter what your status is or how you choose to celebrate!
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