It’s the Little Things: Volume One

I’ve decided to start a little series on my blog. It will focus on all the little things in life that mean the most. (Obviously from the title.) My plan for this is to make short posts on the little things in life as fillers in between bigger posts. My reasoning for doing this is we seem to get so caught up in the big things in life, and how we want things to go that we forget the little things can be the most meaningful. So basically it will just be a simple reminder to take a step back every once in a while and take in all the little things. AND ENJOY THEM DAMNIT! I’d like to use #littlethingswithkate for us to share photos together on social media. At the end of each post, I’ll also add an additional (or two or three) custom hashtag(s) pertaining to that specific post so if the same thing makes you happy, share it with the world!

Now. Since it is February and only a few days before the big ol’ Valentine’s Day…I’m going to focus on the lovey dovey little things. And probably will do so all month.  Because who doesn’t love love?

One thing hubby and I do is leave good old fashioned love notes for each other.
I keep them all…maybe someday I’ll figure out something cute to do with them!)

This is something that always makes my day and I know can make his day too. I love leaving them for him in the morning, or leaving them in his bathroom drawer, or even sending random sweet texts throughout the day.

This one is by my desk at work for me to see everyday!)

It is a good way to remind someone you’re thinking about them and they’re special to you. It can be as short and simple as “Good morning sexy! Can’t wait to be home with you!” or you can pour out your love for them in a longer message.

This was the first love note I received from Chadd. It was sent with a dozen chocolate covered strawberries to my work for our first Valentine’s Day! How sweet!)
Some people to share with:
Extended Family
Significant Other
Co-Workers (don’t go crazy with this one….there are rules and boundaries in *most* work places!)

Thanks for tuning in to my very first ‘It’s the Little Things’ post! Now go on and leave a special note for someone special in your life!



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