It’s The Little Things: Volume Two

I’m baaaack for round two! And this time it is alll about those late night conversations.


You know what I’m talking about….eyelids are half closed, you’re belly is rumbling from being up so late, you are the most honest, and those conversations are usually focused around totally meaningless topics or the most important things in life. There really is no in between.

I must admit, Chadd is usually the one wanting to stay up late to talk. Not because I don’t want to but because I am that type of person that can NOT function on little to no sleep.


So I usually tell him to talk to me until I fall asleep and when I stop answering, he knows I’m out haha. Not the most romantic, but it works for us. The two topics we usually talk about late at night are our future, and what we want to do with it. And our love for each other and how it all began. It is my favorite. ❀


Then there are those late night conversations with friends. When everything is funny and you can’t stop laughing. You come up with the most random, crazy, idiotic ideas of what you want to do in the morning. You are the most sincere with each other.


It’s true when they say you learn a lot about a person after some late night talks.


What are some of your favorite late night topics to talk about?!Β 



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