It’s the Little Things: Volume Three

Today’s “little things” topic: MANNERS

Learn them. Know them. Use them. Teach them.

I feel like manners are so important and make a world of a difference in daily life. My parents were pretty forceful about me using manners. As annoying as it seemed sometimes as a kid, looking back on it now I’m glad they did things the way they did. (When it came to manners, anyways.) Β I always had to say please and thank you. I always had to write thank you notes for gifts I received. You get the idea.


It seems as though manners are becoming less and less common. How annoying. Let me give you an example. Before I met Chadd, I never had a guy pull a chair out for me before. Besides my dad. So the first time we went to Comedy Sportz, and Chadd pulled a chair out for me, I didn’t even notice. I pulled out the chair next to it to sit on and he goes “um I pulled that chair out for you.” I was SO caught off guard. We still laugh about it to this day.


Another example, holding a door for someone…DO THIS! Even if it is just a stranger. Smile, hold it open and they’ll *most likely* say thank you and truly appreciate it. At least I do. So you should too. And so should everyone else. If they don’t say thank you, just yell ‘YOU’RE WELCOME!’ and they’ll probably get the hint. πŸ™‚



Just the smallest notions can make the biggest differences. This is something I promise to instill in my children and all those around me as much as possible. Help me make manners matter again!





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