It’s the Little Things: Volume 5

Today’s topic for The Little Things is ROADTRIPS! Despite living with chronic pain and being uncomfortable on long car rides, I still like to find the fun in it!


Hubby & I like to play games sometimes. It seems a little childish but it helps the time go by and keeps you occupied and keeps you talking to each other. Some games we play are I spy& the letter game. Are there any games you like to play in the car?


Roadtrips are a perfect time for long, in depth conversations.

Turning the music up when a favorite song comes on and singing along to it.

Rolling the windows down and feeling the wind on your face and in your hair.

Finding new places to explore.

Visiting favorite places.

When the silence isn’t awkward.


Roadtrips = New Adventures.

Be sure to share some of your favorite things about roadtrips, as well as your roadtrip photos with my hashtags below!




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