You Know You’re From Wisconsin When….

Where are all my fellow Wisconsinites?! Heyyo! There is just something special about us, there is no denying that. And here are some reasons why!

You know you’re from Wisconsin when…

Drinking alcohol at 10am is acceptable (in most situations anyways…)
Driving your truck onto the lake in January is normal.
You know what a bubbler is.
You take off work (or call in sick) to go hunting.
You will sit in below zero weather to watch the Packers play (and to hunt!).
No matter where you are, if its game day…you’re wearing green & yellow.
You refer to your sports teams as “we.”
You measure distance in time, not miles.
Flip flops, shorts & sweatshirts are appropriate together.
You get sunburn & frostbite in the same week.
Half of your friends are Catholic & half of them are Lutheran.
You believe ‘deer season’ should be a (paid!) holiday.
It’s soda, not pop.
You have experienced snow storms in April.
The local gas station sells live bait.
You talk about going ‘up north’ for a vacation.
You naturally expect every restaurant to have a ‘Friday Night Fish Fry’.
You know several people who have hit a deer with their vehicle.

What are some that I missed?? I’m proud to be a Wisconsinite! 🙂 



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