50 in 555

So I’ve seen variations of this on multiple different blogs and was totally inspired. I always catch myself saying “I’d love to do/try that someday” and then that is usually the end of the conversation. But with this list I think I can push myself to cross some of those things off!

So I’ve created a list of 55 things I want to do/try in 555 days. (I’ve already crossed a couple things off since writing this but before publishing the post.) Using the handy dandy calculator (linked below) my completeion date is Wednesday, January 20, 2017!


1 – Go to a farmers market (Greenfield!)
2 – Buy a bouquet of peonies
3 – Get my t-shirt quilt made
4 – Watch the sunrise & sunset in one day (North Dakota!)
5 – Go on 4 dates with Hubby that we have not done yet (Packers game, Apple picking)
6 – Create a gallery wall
7 – Pay off my credit cards
8 – Go to the gym min. 3x per week for a month straight (With Horace!)
9 –  Go fruit picking (Apple picking @ Elegant Farmer with Hubs!)
10 – Run a 5k
11 – Take a picture of each letter of the alphabet — do something with said pictures
12 – Get a blowout
13 – Go to a concert
14 – Go trapshooting at least 5 times
15 – Volunteer 30 hours of my time 
16 – Write a letter to someone that inspires me (Erin & Sam!)
17 – Pay for the person behind me in a drive-thru
18 – Get my teeth fixed
19 – Give up soda/energy drinks for a month
20 – Dress up for Halloween
21 – Go to church
22 – Read 3 books (American Sniper, American Wife, Strong Looks Better Naked)
23 – Try a new food   (Cheez-It Duos…yum!)
24 – Create a time capsule
25 – Have a social media free weekend
26 – Get a massage
27 – Get another tattoo (Roman numerals of wedding date!)
28 – Take a day trip (Gurnee for a family member’s birthday!)
29 – No fast food for a month
30 – Help a stranger (Held doors open and helped someone who’s grocery cart tipped over!)
31 – Take vitamins consistently
32 – Create gun show booth
33 – Try Crossfit
34 – Loose 5 pounds. (Lets keep it realistic)
35 – Get our FFL
36 –  Go ziplining
37 – Make & give Christmas cookies to the Villa
38 – Take Hubby on a date
39 – Leave beautiful notes all over town
40 – Leave flowers at a cemetery
41 – Plan a staycation
42 – Re-purpose a piece of furniture
43 – Learn some martial arts (With Horace!)
44 – Picnic in the park
45 – Try 5 new recipes (Dad’s chili, risotto, pulled BBQ chicken)
46 – Build something with pallets
47 – Donate blood
48 – Buy a nice camera
49 –  Learn how to use said camera
50 – Buy something from the small businesses I believe in   (Seersucker Sassy Boutique…’Drinks Well With Others’ shirt…how perfect! Along with a few Etsy shops!)

Now make your own list, and use the calculator to figure out your completion date and join along with this crazy journey! 🙂

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