10 under $10


Today I’m sharing with you 10 things I LOVE that are $10 or less! Ask anyone that knows me…I’m a cheap mother fucker. I rarely buy things at full price, with the exception of them being, like under $10! I am ALL about the clearance racks, sales & coupons! It drives my hubby crazy but I always tell him I’m saving us loads of money! πŸ˜‰ Some things on this list are currently on sale, others are regular priced for under $10!


These gems are one of my fav items in our kitchen! Hubby did good with these. πŸ˜‰ You can get them here for only $4.99!!! (And the restΒ of the (equally cute) matching mason jar kitchen items, are under $15! )


I just purchased this today! There are several different scents and it is on sale now for only $6.73! Hurry, click here to get this now! Perfect for travel or as a gift!


Also purchased these beauties today for $6.73! See why I was inspired to do this post?! πŸ˜‰ Again, on sale now here! (Thank you World Market, for being incredibly awesome and providing me with 3 things for this list.)


A couple weeks ago, I finally signed up for Ipsy. It is $10/month and they send you a cute makeup bag filled with goodies catered to YOU! You fill out a (lengthy) survey when you first sign up to help them decide what exactly to send you. Can’t wait to get my first one, come August! Sign up here with my referral link!


This gorg wallet is only $5 at Target! Seriously guys, five freakin dollars! I have two of them…this one and a blue one. I LOVE it. On the other side it has a pocket and a space to put your ID as well as a zippered section you can see at the top! Lots of color options too! Get it here.


This is BY FAR my fav chapstick, ever. And you get 2 of them for only $3.49! My lips get chapped pretty often if I don’t use this stuff regularly. This has been my go-to chapstick for years now. It is sooo smooth, not sticky at all AND helps my chapped lips. You can get this at just about any drugstore but I’ve linked it here to Target!

face wipes

I loooove these facial wipes. They are perfect at removing makeup, leave my skin nice & moisturized and they smell great! I’ve seen these at both Walgreens & Target for only $4.85!


I’ve tried several different dry shampoos and this one knocks them all outta the park. It is lightweight, doesn’t make your hair look powdery, takes care of the grease (don’t lie..you don’t wash your hair everyday either!) andddd is only $4.74!! I usually pick mine up from Wal-Mart or TargetΒ but have also seen it at other drug stores & Ulta!


Who else is following the statement necklace trend?! I wasn’t until I found out Wal-Mart had some gorgeous ones! (I am wayyyy too cheap to purchase the $30+ ones from other retailers!) I about fell over when I found out they had a WIDE variety of statement necklaces ranging from $5-$10! I have this particular one, and wore it to my interview. (I swear, it’s what got me the job…who cares about the 5+ years of experience and 3 college degrees?!) Go to Wal-Mart NOW or check them out online here!


I’m sure everyone and their mother already knows these exist BUT I couldn’t help but add them to this list with the cute new packaging they come in! As you probably know, these are from Bath & Body Works. You can get one for $1.75 or 5 for $6. (Go ahead and get 5…use them as gifts or stocking stuffers this Christmas!) I was recently given this specific one in an IG swap and looove the scent! Buy these here!

So, you’re welcome. That wraps up my 10 under $10 and I hope I didn’t just convince you to drop almost $100 on all these items at once! Be wise, ladies! What are some of your fav items under $10 & where are some places you seem to find the best deals?!



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