Reading… Just finished American Sniper and waiting for American Wife (written by Chris Kyle’s wife) to be delievered! Definitely recommend American Sniper.
Watching… I am Cait, Teen Mom 2, Kendra on Top (I told y’all I had a guilty pleasure of trashy reality shows!) Hubs and I also just finished The Glades on Netflix and looking for a new series to start — suggestions??

Trying… to get motivated to work out.
Cooking… not much of anything. That’s hubs niche, not mine. 😉
Eating… pasta, ribs, brats, chicken, animal crackers, sea salt caramel ice cream sandwiches. (← TO DIE FOR and can only be found here!)
Drinking… water, energy drinks & coffe. (I knowwww, this could use some TLC.)

Pinning… anything and everything. I mean, what else is new though?? Follow me on Pinterest here!

Going… to North Dakota in a little over a month for duck opener!

Loving… my new adult coloring book from here. ♥

Hating… that fall is coming already. I had to bust out a sweater, scarf and boots for today! Where the heck did summer go?!

Discovering… new techniques for blogging. Anyone fellow bloggers have any tips/techniques they’d like to share?!

Thinking… I’m ready for the weekend and what am I going to do for lunch today?

Feeling… tired.

Hoping… to get laundry done this week!

Smelling… Crumb Top scentsy bars! Trying to get in the mood for fall. Find them here!

Thanking… God for everything he has blessed me with in life. ♥

What are you up to, currently?

(Thanks for posting your Currentlies, Ryan!)



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