Compliment Game

How could you not be happy on a Friday? I know I always am! After a long week at work (even if it was a good week) I’m always ready for a little time to myself where I get to decide what I do all day. I wanted to help spread this happiness by playing the compliment game.

Growing up, my mother always told me “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” We all know this can be difficult in some situations and being human, we all slip up from time to time. Well now is a time to so to say, make up for those slip ups. Compliment someone, just because! It is amazing how far a compliment can go, especially when someone is having a rough day or going through a tough time.

I know, especially as a female, this is something hard to come by. We are constantly tearing each other down, whether its someones hair, clothes, makeup whatever the case may be. It’s so easy to judge someone else if they do something differently or look different than you. But now is the time to make a change! And I’m here to make that change so easy for you that you’ll have no excuse NOT to do it!

Below I’m going to provide you with some imagesย to inspire you, some images you can send as well as some compliments to share. I will link the images to the sites they came from. The ones not linked, I got from the good ol’ Pinterest.

Now go start spreadin’ the love to everyone! Friends, family, significant other, co-workers (be careful, there’s a line that can’t be crossed there ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) even a random stranger! (Again, choose wisely.) Use text, email, phone call, or in person!

Inspiring Images
996258c7d2e6ab8ecf2115d6599fb8caย 8132ef60aa562d480a1784e1c197b83e 9dcad28ab5ebb3262b73a55a9b6addcb
91f533d77e73a1f35873fd09b9163879 ย ย c42437b29af71a1e3c92e8166d369ea0ย ย 51c148f5cb9f662e740be9e6addffa1a

Images to Send
7411540_origย ย b93ccfe9ee60dc3f096f2e525c84ddc3ย 1681264_orig
1527247_origย ย sparkle-01 (1)ย ย 5381282_orig

Things to Say
You inspire me.
I like to hear you laugh.
You are a treasure.
You have a gorgeous smile.
You are beautiful.
You are handsome.
You amaze me.
You light up my life.
You look really good today.
You have a beautiful soul.
You are lovely.
I look up to you.
I’m so proud of you.
You’re so good at…
My favorite thing about you is…
Thank you for all you do.
I like to hear you laugh.
You’re a great friend.
You’re brave.
You’re confident.
You’re smart.
You’re helpful.
You’re awesome.



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