It’s the Little Things: Volume 8

Most of us are so blessed to have our five senses and often times I think we can take these for granted. So I just wanted to take a minute to focus on one of those amazing five senses – the sense of smell! I thought now would be a good time to do this one because with the seasons changing and so many favorite scents that come out with fall – why not?!

Be sure to never forget to focus on the little things in life – at least once a day! You can read through my list below and then use the hashtags at the bottom of this post to share your favorite smells!

Smell of fresh air.
Warm cookies from the oven.
Scented candles/scentsy.
New car smell.
When someone tells you you smell nice.
People who smell good.
Smell of shampoo in your hair after a shower.
Smell of freshly cleaned towels & bedding.
Smell of homemade cooking.
Freshly cut grass.
Smell of a new book.
Being able to breathe out of 2 nostrils after being sick.



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