Pumpkin Patch

I wanted to share with you our fun (and slightly totally cliche) tradition of going to the pumpkin farm! And the day we went this year just so happened to be on sweetest day. Day date and traditions, killing two birds with one stone. Ohh yeah! We typically go to the same one every year for a couple reasons. For starters, it was one Chadd and I both went to as youngsters and like to keep the family tradition going. And the bonus…we have hunting property around there so we tend to go scouting before or after our pumpkin farm adventure. haha So instead of blowing up your feed on Instagram, I figured I’d just share my photos with you here! What are some of your favorite family traditions??

Welcome to Swan’s Pumpkin Farm, our fav!
20151017_150648 20151017_150516
Minis and oddballs!
Rivers of pumpkins! Something about those white ones make my heart happy.
The pumpkins that won our hearts! (We have yet to carve them yet…whoops…)



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