It’s the Little Things: Volume 10

After overloading y’all with posts last week I wanted to provide you with some light reading for this gloomy Monday morning.Β 

I also wanted to get some feedback on my series of “It’s the Little Things” — to continue or start something new?? Do you like them? Are they boring? Are they fun, easy reads? Tell me your true feelings on it so we can be on the same page. πŸ™‚ Take a vote here!

Today’s ‘little things’ topic is driving. Driving can be calming for some and stressful for others. But even if it is stressful for you – here are some things that I think most people appreciate and may take for granted. So next time you’re stuck in traffic and tempted to blare your horn at the moronΒ person in front of you, think of these things! πŸ™‚

 a full tank of gas
 driving on a smooth road
 first one at a stop light
 when all cars move out of your way
 getting the perfect parking spot
 new car smell
 parallel parking perfectly on the first try
 backing into a spot (without hitting anything!)
 continuous green lights
 when your blinker is in sync with the car in front of you



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