DD&G Boutique

So y’all know how much I love supporting small businesses which leads me to introduce you to one of my new fav’s….DD&G Boutique! (@dawsondrug on Instagram!)

Seriously guys, you can’t go wrong with this boutique. All of their items are trendy, reasonable, and incredible quality!

Some things that really stand out about them is that not a single item they offer is over $50 (holla!) AND they always offer free shipping with no minimum! They had me wrapped around their fingers right then and there.

I currently own the Aztec Jacquard Fringe Sweater Cardigan and it is simply gorgeous! It is so thick that I haven’t worn a jacket with it, even in the middle of Wisconsin’s winter. And you know I was sold with the beautiful pops of pink in it! (You know you’ll being seeing this item on repeat in October for sure!)

Some other items I have on my wish list from DD&G Boutique are below!

Navy Aztec Cardigan || Asymmetrical Solid Tunic || Camel Booties || Fur-lined Olive Vest

As a special offer to my readers and followers you can get 15% off your order using the code word “KATE” until December 31st! Go on and spoil yourself now & happy shopping! 🙂



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