It’s the Little Things: Volume 11

Today’s topic for “It’s the Little Things” is all things shower related! So if you’re anything like me and some days you just need some extra motivation for getting up and into the shower – this is for you. You know once you get in, it’ll be AH-MAZING but the whole getting cold before getting in and even just crawling out of bed can be a little difficult sometimes. So I’m here to help motivate you! 😉

the perfect shower temperature
a shower after camping – BEST feeling ever!
feeling fresh & clean after a shower
the feel of freshly shaved skin – silkyyyyy smooth!
the smell of shampoo in your hair after a shower – yes please!
singing in the shower – you know you do it, just admit it 😉
saving water and showering together – it’s good for the world,
your relationship and your wallet. You’re welcome.

Did I miss anything?!



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