Shop Small with Kate: Volume 2

Today’s feature shop for #shopsmallwithkate is:

PNW Girl Designs

As usual, I came across Lynn’s shop through Instagram which lead me to her beautiful Etsy shop. I got in touch with Lynn and was able to work with her on a custom order and even get to learn a little about her. I was blown away by how much her and I have in common!

  • She was born and raised on the Olympic Peninsula of the State of Washington, so the Pacific Northwest has always been her home, hence the name PNWGirlDesigns. (How cool!)
  • She grew up following her Dad around hunting, fishing, crabbing, shrimping, digging clams, picking oysters, picking mushrooms & berries etc.. He was her hero, but sadly she lost him when she was only 18 years old.  (This hit home for me since I am so close with my dad as well!)
  • She has been a life long photographer. She went back to college at the age of 45 and received 2 degree’s and is finally doing what she loves most, graphic design. (Holla at your girl for going back to school at 45 and achieving her goals! This just proves that you should NEVER stop chasing your goals and dreams! Make ’em happen! Oh and she’s damn good at graphic design!)
  • She loves Coffee, Chocolate, Venison, Smoked Fish, Antlers, Mason Jars, Flowers and Vintage Kitchen items. (Any of that sound familiar?! Helloooo coffee, chocolate, venison, antlers, mason jars….)

To me, it is so cool to connect with the shop owner and learn more about them. When you shop small, you’re putting food on their families tables and providing them the lifestyle they want and helping them achieve their goals & dreams.

Below is the custom print she made for my home. I loved it so much I even printed another copy and have one hanging up in my cubicle at work. She gave me a TON of options to choose from (vertical, horizontal, different fonts, etc.) so you know that when you request a custom order from her you will get EXACTLY what you want! (P.S. This area is just kind of thrown together for right now, I need to do some re-designing on my crates to get it how I want it!)


And below are just a couple of other items I love from her Etsy shop.

You can find her Instagram here and her Etsy shop here.

Be sure to use the code PNWGIRL20 for 20% off any order of $20 or more, good through February 29th, 2016!

Don’t forget if you want to be featured or know of a good shop that you think should be featured, please email me at!
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