14 Little Surprises


Welp, it’s already February 1st. Where the heck did January go?! I don’t know about you but when I hear February I instantly think red, pink, hearts, love, romance and all that comes with that!

Some people are totally against Valentine’s day, which is fine, but I’m not one of those people. I’m a sucker for all things lovey-dovey and romantic and even more so since I’ve been with Chadd. The day seems so much more special when you have that special someone to share it with. Now if you’re single – don’t be disappointed. You can do a lot of these things for the people you love in your life and just change some of them slightly so they’re not romantic and more friendly.


I wanna challenge all of you. A lot of people don’t see the hype in Valentine’s day. (Particularly men (including Chadd!), at least that’s what I’ve noticed in my life.) Which is okay. BUT if you’re like me and love to celebrate it, this is a great challenge to help your SO (significant other) appreciate it a little more. And I introduce you to….

14 Little Surprises!

So here’s the deal. You’re going to do one small thing for your SO (or friend/someone you love in your life!) each day, starting today, leading up to Valentine’s day. I’m going to leave you with some ideas but don’t feel you need to do them in this order or even the ones I have listed – be creative & come up with some of your own that may be more personal for you!

  1. Post-it heart…you guessed it, make a heart out of a bunch of post-it notes. I did this for Chadd before on our bathroom mirror. That way he couldn’t miss it and it was a great way for him to start his day knowing I was thinking of him. I wrote little messages on each one, he loved it!
  2. Lunch/car note…leave a sweet note in your man’s lunch or car. Again, a great way to remind him you’re always thinking of him.
  3. Bake/Make/Buy his favorite food…they always say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!
  4. Build him up….say something to boost his ego (even if you think he doesn’t need it;) ). It’s always nice to hear someone build you up instead of tear you down.
  5. Give thanks…remind him that you’re thankful for the things he does. Be specific, it helps!
  6. Love texts…I found some fun texts to send to your SO here!
  7. Offer a massage…would you turn this down if it was offered to you? I know I sure wouldn’t!
  8. Play *adult* spin the bottle…okay this is a really fun one! I somehow convinced Chadd to play with me (he HATES any kind of games!) and he ended up having a lot of fun with it! Check it out here!
  9. Surprise him with lingerie…or whatever your SO likes in that aspect! 😉
  10. Prepare a fun date night…this can be something at home or something out, but spice it up! Find something that you’ve never done together before!
  11. Take him back to where you first met…Chadd & I met at a bar (while he was underage none-the-less!) classy, right? LOL But now I always reminisce just thinking of where we met and it’s always fun to go back there once in a while! A lot of feelings always come flooding back to me and remind me how it all started!
  12. Wallet sized photo…get a wallet sized photo printed for him! I did this for Chadd and he surprisingly really appreciated it (he’s not at all a picture guy). Again, just little reminders can really brighten someone’s day!
  13. Small gift card…get him a $5 gift card to his favorite coffee shop or fast food place. Chadd and I are both notorious for hitting up the gas station for a good ol’ Red Bull to get our days started so I would get him one for the gas station!
  14. Remind him why you love him…although this should be an everyday thing, life can get in the way and you can forget the simple things like this. And Valentine’s day is a great time to remind him of all the reasons he is special to you and why you love him oh so much!

Now get out there and help me spread the love!! Share the things you did on Instagram using the hashtag #14littlesurprises ♥


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