Shop Small with Kate: Volume 4

I love being able to give back and what’s better than being able to buy something for yourself or a friend and give back to a complete stranger all at the same time?!

Lemme introduce you to….

Feya Candles

I was happy to work with Chief Candle Lady & Food Giver – Sarah Mullins, on a collaboration with Feya Candles! What I love about the company is that they give back for every candle purchased. Their inspiration of ‘the love of family and the love of food’ led them to provide a full meal for a child in need for every candle that is purchased from them!

So not only do the profits go to a great cause, the candles smell ahh-mazinggg too! Hopefully soon they will be at the capacity to sell retail through their own website but until then you can purchase at any of the locations listed here! Also – if you know of a store that would be a great fit to sell the candles wholesale, you can nominate them here!

Please read below for a little information from Sarah herself! 

“I’ve always been a little (sometimes a lot) a bit different, so there’s no reason my job shouldn’t be different too. I was raised by multiple families in very different parts of the US.  When my granny (one of my raisers) fell ill and passed, I knew at that point it was my job to keep her compassionate lifestyle going – just didn’t know how!  When my aunt who taught me how to cook at a young age (another raiser) fell ill and passed soon after, I knew my mission was food.  These two women (Faye and Pamela) along with all the other women, men, parents and family friends in my life who raised me are the inspiration for Feya.  Through multiple failures, successes, heartbreaks & happy moments, it hit me one day like an ‘idea brick’ to the face:  I know candles, I know food, and I know how to love people deeply.  I often tell people I just ‘made up my job’ out of thin air – but really it was just my passions making their way to the front lines!” – Sarahwelcome-to-feya-candle

Feya Candle’s Biggest Wish: To feed 1 million people, spreading smelly days and full tummies EVERYWHERE! << How freakin’ cool is that?!

Please be sure to follow their Instagram, Facebook & Twitter and check out their website! Thanks for tuning in to this series of #shopsmallwithkate & be sure to check back for more!

Don’t forget if you want to be featured or know of a good shop that you think should be featured on #shopsmallwithkate, please email me at!
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