Real Life Couple Inspiration

Even though Valentine’s day has already quickly come & gone, I want to keep up with the theme of love for this month! With that being said, I’m going to swoon with you over my favorite real life couple & how inspiring they are.

I’ll give you a couple hints of who they are…
1. They’re from the south
2. They have 4 kiddos
3. They’re now famous from their hit HGTV show

If you guessed Chip & Joanna Gaines – you were right! I absolutely love everything about them & their show. Chip makes me laugh at the TV til I have tears in my eyes and he reminds me of my sweet Chadd in so many ways! Joanna inspires me to be patient, loving & creative.


Not only do I love their style and their drive to get things done (um hello – they now have the Silos, the bed & breakfast, and soon a bakery and a book!!) but the fact that they put their faith in God in the center of their marriage is probably the most inspiring to me. They aren’t the type of people to push their religion and beliefs on others but they don’t hide it either – it seems like the perfect balance.

 I oftentimes believe I should’ve been born & raised in the south. The hospitality & good vibes that come from the south are so heartwarming to me. As most of you know, Chadd & I got married in Tennessee & I LOVED that! Something that seems to be more prominent in the south is raising your children to say “sir” and “ma’am”. Even though most people where I’m from would find this offensive (I’ve heard people say it makes them feel old) I think it is truly respectful and Chadd & I plan to raise our kiddos the same way someday.


I love that they can always be so goofy with each other – this also reminds me so much of Chadd and I. I love how down-to-earth they both seem and that they take pride in keeping their kiddos grounded – even with the fame that is upon them now. Okay so I know I don’t actually know them in real life – but this is my take on them from the show & I would LOVE to meet them in person some day!


I cannot wait to get my hands on their new book once it is released & it is definitely on my bucket list to make it to the Silos & stay at their bed and breakfast! If you haven’t watched their hit show “Fixer Upper” on HGTV I highly recommend you set your DVRs NOW!

Which real life couple is your inspiration?!

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