Shop Small with Kate: Volume 9

I’m often inspired by fashion bloggers — their pictures are so perfect, their outfits are always on point and even their flat lays make me want to run out and buy everything in that photo! Something I often see in fashion bloggers photos is from the shop being featured today for #shopsmallwithkate…

Riley Rose Shop

…and the GORGEOUS sequin hanger! I’ve been following Riley Rose on Instagram since it was The Pearls and Pastries Shop and I’m so impressed with their growth and amazing product! I recently got my hands on the original gold sequin hanger and man, it’s even more gorgeous in person! I’m obsessed. Keep your eye out for it to be featured relatively often on my IG and even though I’m not a fashion blogger, I may start to do some flat lays just because I have this awesome hanger. 😉

Photo Credit: Kayla @ Emerald Tide Photography

Riley Rose is the creator of the Original Sequin Hanger. They create sequin hangers in many different sizes, styles, and colors. Their hangers make wedding dresses shine even more, allow cheerleading uniforms to really stand out, and add just the right amount of sparkle to any outfit. (This seems to be what really makes some outfits pop in my opinion!) In addition to creating sequin hangers they also create Christmas ornaments and fun prints. Creating new desirable products is truly enjoyable for Jenna and Patrick, the owners of Riley Rose.

Look at all the color options! Alllll the heart eyes!

Together, Jenna and Patrick are the perfect design team. Between Jenna’s love of anything and everything sparkly and Patrick’s eye for style lies a middle ground of the ideal combination of refined sparkle. They are currently working on many new products and plan to branch out into a men’s line of hangers and apparel in 2016. New products and a new direction have led to a new name. As of January 1st 2016 The Pearls and Pastries Shop Changed to The Riley Rose shop. This new is name represents Jenna and Patrick on a personal level. They wanted to change the name to prepare for new products and a new direction.

When designing new products, no idea is a bad idea! They work as a team to inspire one another to come up with fun products. Before launching any new products, they test their ideas on friends and some of the wonderful business partners they have met so far. They truly seem to enjoy every aspect of the business and love what they do.

My closet WILL look like this someday!

I worked directly with Jenna for this collab and she was gracious enough to offer a discount of 15% off your total order for the next THREE MONTHS(!!) using the code: SequinHanger

Here are all the links for their website & social media pages!

Don’t forget if you want to be featured or know of a good shop that you think should be featured, please email me at!
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