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I casually made a trip to TJ Maxx yesterday as I often do. I have a whopping $13.75 left on a gift card and let me tell ya, it’s burning a hole in my pocket! As usual, when I walked in there I was inspired by a lot of things in the home section & decided it’d be awesome to do a post on some items I saw and fell in love with!

Unfortunately, a lot of these items won’t work for me personally. Mostly because our apartment is too small and we just don’t have the space but some things just wouldn’t be hubby approved. He claims it’s too girly – and I can’t argue too much with him on some of it! Not only that, but I want OUR space to make us both feel comfortable and at home.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my personal style lately, on many different levels…fashion, home, etc. And I feel like my home style is a little all over the place. I love shabby chic, rustic, and classic. Which mixing all of those together can be a little much and not flow like I’d like it to. Luckily, I have some time to figure out my exact style before we move into a home with more space but in the meantime, I’ll daydream of all the wonderful things that inspire me and live vicariously through some of you instead! 😉

20160308_170935This lamp to me seems more of the classic side of me. We only have 2 lamps in our whole apartment and they’re cheapo ones from Ikea (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Ikea but the ones we have are nothin’ spectacular). This has a lot more character to it and seems much more robust than the skimpy ones we have. Gives a cozy feel to me!

20160308_171002I love this stainless steel chair but have no idea where I’d put it in a home. Actually, thinking about it…I think I like it by itself more than I would in a home setting. Doesn’t seem quite as cozy as I’d like? Not sure what it is. How would you use this chair in your home?!

20160308_171137  20160308_171146
Now this, ladies & gents, screams cozy to me. I’ve always dreamed of having a bar in my home some day (think – rec room, pool table, bar, big screen…classy though!). I think this chair is inviting and I’ve always been in love with the metal brads against softer materials. This makes me want to plop down, stay a while & shoot the shit with my people.

20160308_171312This again, seems less inviting to me than the last chair. BUT I think it’d be perfect for something like a breakfast bar – where you’re typically not going to sit there for a long period of time. I love the metal and wood combination – always a fav of mine.

I’ve been on the hunt for some new throw pillows for our couches but am having a hard time getting Chadd on the same page as me. (Okay I gotta admit…shameless plug here!) Let me start off with that gorgeous pillow in the middle. No, it’s not from TJ Maxx – it’s from Operation American – mine and hubby’s business if you remember back from this post. We recently added this kickass pillow that you can custom order in ANY color you want! Perfect for so many different rooms & styles! Of course Chadd loves this one as he designed it himself but I’d use it as an accent pillow. I think this color would be perfect against our dark chocolaty brown couches.
The pillows to the left and right are both from TJ Maxx. Unfortunately the lighting straight up sucks in there so I had a hard time really getting the true colors of these pillows. To the left, is a perfect neutral tone with a hint of shimmer. They were also HUGE! Maybe even big enough for floor pillows? Not sure. But gorgeous either way.
To the right were bright yellow & white pillows. Again, I think these colors would go perfect with our dark couches with the perfect amount of pop! I also liked that they came in different prints.

white rugI also decided recently I want to start a hunt for a new area rug. Although I love this one in the store, it simply wouldn’t fit in the aesthetics of our current home. But the white fluffiness of it screams COZY to me and obviously, I’m all about that. Even though this one isn’t for us, I’d definitely like to change ours up to a much brighter rug (ours is currently dark neutral colors. Blah.) Any suggestions of places to look for rugs?!

What is your home style? Where to do you go for inspiration? (Besides the infamous Pinterest, of course!) What are some of your favorite stores for home shopping? I’d love to hear your opinons/suggestions in the comments below!

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