Shop Small with Kate: Volume 12


I couldn’t tell ya how long I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect everyday hat. Because, let’s be real – my camo Under Armour one doesn’t cut it for daily wear. So when I came across Shi’s Jewelry Box on Instagram, I couldn’t have been more excited!

The charcoal bling trucker hat caught my eye immediately. Neutral color, check. Girly touch, check. Cover up bad hair days, check. Everything I’ve always wanted in a hat! Let me tell ya a bit about

Shi’s Jewelry Box has jewelry pieces and accessories that you will not see at your local mall or jewelry shop. At Shi’s Jewelry Box they only order a small quantity of each jewelry style to keep each piece unique and the inventory fresh and fun. These pieces are sure to stand out and get noticed by everyone! The right accessory or piece of jewelry will make any outfit and will expand on every wardrobe. No matter how old or young, short or tall, big or small, fashion jewelry & CAPS can bring out anyone’s
personality and style!

Here is a bit about Shilo, the owner! “I started this home-based company in August 2009 with the hopes that everyone could share my passion in fun fashion jewelry and accessories. I majored in fashion merchandising at New Mexico State University, and was the VP of their fashion merchandising organization, with the goal to somehow be part of the fashion industry…” You can continue reading this excerpt here!


I’ve already received SO many compliments on my gorgeous hat and I absolutely love it! Get yours today using coupon code “Kates20” for 20% off your order now through April 20th! Can use on her Etsy shop or on their Instagram when you leave a comment to purchase!

Here are all the links for her shop & social media pages!

Don’t forget if you want to be featured or know of a good shop that you think should be featured, please email me at!
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