Spring Cleaning 101

Deeeeeep breath….AHHHH! Fresh air, finally! Windows have been cracked (when temps reach over 50 here…) and I’ve slowly started my spring cleaning. However since I have crazy OCD when it comes to being clean and organized I do a lot of this all throughout the year. Trust me, I already know it’s not entirely normal.

So I’m sure you’re like “Um Kate…I know how to spring clean, I’ve been adulting for a while now.” And I don’t doubt your spring cleaning skills at all! BUT I wanted to share some things with you that you*may* not think to do!

  • Clean out/wipe down bathroom drawers & cabinets
    • I try to do this one at least once every month or two. However, I’ve totally been slackling lately and that’s why this was first on my list. Holy smokes – do you ever realize how many hairs are in your bathroom drawers?! I shed like a crazy person and hubby has facial hair that he manscapes (is that the right term for facial hair? or…? awk..sorry!) and those tiny little suckers get EVERYWHERE. Plus those drawers just get gross in general. Take EVERYTHING out, wipe it allllll down and then put everything back in – nice & organized!


  • Clean out/wipe down fridge & freezer
    • Same concept as above. The fridge and freezer get super gross – especially if you have kiddos around ever. (Or a husband!) Things spill and leak and they just never get wiped up and then you’re left with some mystery sticky stuff on the shelves. Um hello, you put your food there! Clean that up! It’s always good to occasionally throw out the things that are way passed the expiration dates – think toppings and dressings, etc.
  • Clean out/wipe down pantry
    • Again, same concept. Sorry for the repetitiveness but I feel like these are things that go unnoticed for a long time. For example, pretty sure I haven’t actually CLEANED our pantry since we moved in…over three yeras ago…*covers eyes in embarassment*. Sure, I’ve tossed out old food & I’ve reogranized a million and one times BUT I can’t recall a time I’ve pulled everythingggg out and wiped down all the shelves. Man does it feel good to do that. Just me? Oh ok.


  • Clean out dressers & closets
      • This is another one I do pretty regularly. Recently I’ve been listing my old clothes on Poshmark. Before Poshmark (and even after things don’t sell for a while) I donate them to my local thrift store. I’m one of those people that loves a clean slate so going through and getting rid of clothes that are just taking up space – makes me feel relieved afterwards. (Psstt..also gives you a reason to shop for new ones… πŸ˜‰ ) You can shop my Poshmark closet here & if you download, sign up & use the code PXEXC you receive $10 towards your first order! (shameless ad!)

There is obviously a lot more I do when I spring clean but I thought these might just be some helpful tips that get overlooked. And to be honest, if I actually told you everything I did for spring cleaning, you’d probably think I was ca-razyyy! Just sayin.
Happy spring cleaning! πŸ™‚Β 

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