Guest Post: Audrey

Audrey from Oh So Lovely Blog is taking over Kate’s Balancing Act today.  For those that haven’t met Audrey yet, let me take a moment to introduce you.  She is a blogger, a designer, photographer,  interior designer, DIYer, and more. She is also my go-to girl for free printables & desktop backgrounds!  Being a photographer and pro DIYer she has plenty of tips to share with her readers.  Today she is sharing a super fun DIY!

Hi everyone! I’m Audrey from Oh So Lovely Blog. I’m so happy to be guest blogging over here at Kate’s Balancing Act!
Today I’m showing you how to make some super fun and easy paint drip art. Let’s get started.
Gather your supplies
+ Art canvas in any size
+ 3-5 cans of coordinating spray paint
+ Drop cloth
+ Something to prop up the canvas while you spray
+ Gloves (if you wish—this project can get messy)
For my piece, I chose to use four spray paint colors: turquoise, light aqua, white, and metallic gold.
Lay your canvas flat on your drop cloth, and spray one coat of a solid color (I used turquoise). Don’t worry about letting it dry before you prop it up to start the dripping process.
I took my white spray paint and started layer one. Hold the can at the top of the canvas, and saturate it until it starts to drip down your canvas to your liking.
Immediately repeat that step with your next color (I chose a light aqua).
Immediately repeat that step with your next color (I chose metallic gold).
To add a little movement I took the canvas and turned it horizontally for about 30 seconds to let the paint move a little more. I like how this helps it feel a little more imperfect, but this step is not necessary.
Then I turned the canvas upside down so the part I just painted was on the tarp. I took my light aqua paint and dripped along the top. I decided to turn horizontally for another 30 seconds (again, not necessary).
You can see the fun texture that shines through as the paint bubbles and blends together. My favorite part.
Let your canvas dry completely. It will have a strong spray paint odor, so sometimes I leave it outside in a covered area to cure for a few days. Thsi helps remove some of that spray paint odor.
Find a home for your new art.
I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did. It’s super easy and quick, and kind of addicting. If you decide to try it for yourself, I’d love it if you’d tag me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter so I can see the results.
About Audrey
Audrey is a designer, maker, TV contributor, photographer, blogger, interior designer, DIYer, Kansas Citian, wife to Ted, and mama to Vivienne. 

She lives for a good DIY! Follow along as she renovates and updates her current fixer upper (on a budget, of course). And be sure to stick around for loads of free printables.

Welp, I’m off to make one of these gorgeous pieces myself! Be sure to give her a follow on all her social media pages tagged above as well as her blog – you won’t regret it!

If you’d like to do a guest post (or know someone who would be great at it) please email me at as I’d like to keep this going as a regular thing! 🙂
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