Shop Small with Kate: Volume 13

Don’t you hate when your hand gets super hot or super cold from holding your favorite beverage? I sure do! And Sarah, from Sweet Wish Boutique found the perfect solution…homemade cup sleeves! I’ve seen a few different companies out there who make these but she is in my top 3 for sure for a few reasons.

  1. She’s from the Midwest, so sweet and amazing to work with. She sent me a couple different designs and I fell in love with both of them instantly. And DUH she’s a small shop – so of course for that reason alone I love to support!
  2. She also makes items like her super cute beanie hat. Perfect if you’re in the cold a good part of the year like us!
  3. The cup sleeves are actually SOFT! I’ve seen others that are a little more on the rough side – and that isn’t much better than having your hands be hot or cold.

I drink a lot of coffee – both iced and hot as well as a lot of energy drinks. Believe it or not, I don’t drink it for the caffeine (it doesn’t effect me), I drink it because it tastes good. Yessss I know how bad they are for me and I DON’T CARE. I like them, sue me. BUT especially in the cold winter months, I hate holding onto my cold drinks when my hands are already frozen. Now, problem solved!

If you haven’t already seen it, Sarah and I teamed up to do a giveaway and one lucky winner will get a $20 credit to her shop! Enter on Instagram and for your extra entry here – tell me which design you would get!

Here are all the links for herΒ shop & Instagram!

Don’t forget if you want to be featured or know of a good shop that you think should be featured, please email me at!
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