Photo credit: Kayla @ Emerald Tide Photography

With bikini season right around the corner, now is the time women (in particular) really start tearing apart their looks and in the end only become distraught & beat themselves up (more than normal). Now is also the perfect time to change that! 

Today I’m going to practice self love and share with you 3 things I like about my looks and 3 things I like about my personality. In addition to this, I’m also going to share photos with you that I normally wouldn’t.

I did a boudoir shoot with my good friend Kayla from Emerald Tide Photography a few months ago. She was amazing at making me feel like I looked HOT and when I got my photos back my mind was truly blown. I’ve never ever seen myself as anything more than ordinary (if even that) when it comes to looks. Not sure why but it’s just always been that way for me. But seeing these photos made me see myself in a whole new light.

I still give all the credit to Kayla for working her magic with her camera BUT it helped me stop tearing myself apart. It made me realize that I can be pretty. I can look like one of those boudoir photos I see plastered all over Pinterest. Yes, I still have my cellulite. Yes, I still have extra weight where I don’t need it. Yes, I could use a boob job. I could go on and on. BUT despite all this, I truly felt beautiful. It reminded me that I need to look at these often and be reminded that my insecurities and my flaws don’t make me who I am – and they don’t make up my appearance as a whole.

Some good ways to practice self-love that I truly believe everyone should do are…
1. Don’t compare yourself to others
2. Know & use your strengths
3. Be honest with yourself
4. Stand up for yourself
5. Speak kindly to yourself

I hope that every woman gets an eye-opening experience like I did – YOU ALL DESERVE IT! Whether it be a photo shoot or something else, every woman deserves to feel the way I do after that shoot. And if you’re local – I HIGHLY RECOMMEND KAYLA @ EMERALD TIDE PHOTOGRAPHY!

Okay so here are my lists…
1. My blue eyes
2. My butt
3. My tattoos

1. Loyal
2. Forgiving
3. Hard-working

Now before you dive into the photos – I would LOVE to hear your lists in the comments below! I’m totally going out of my comfort zone by sharing these photos on a social site and only praying that the feedback is nothing but positive. We all need to build each other up – not tear each other down. And my hopes in sharing this is that it inspires you to get out there and do something that makes you feel good about you – again, YOU DESERVE IT! Go on and love yourself girlfran!

IMG_8685-1IMG_8613-1IMG_8596-1IMG_8585-1IMG_8564-1IMG_8511-1-2IMG_8430-1-2IMG_8315-1-2IMG_8309-1IMG_8263-1-2IMG_8230-1IMG_8148-1IMG_8125-1-2IMG_8057-1-2 All photos were done by Kayla @ Emerald Tide Photography

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