In Kate’s Purse

I’ve seen a lot of other people do posts like this and it always intrigued me. I think it’s because I’m nosy curious about what other people carry around with them vs. what I carry around – and what I could be missing out on!

I recently got a new-to-me purse off Poshmark and I thought, “What a perfect time to do this post!”. (It’s been sitting in my backlog for 6 months!) Something I was really looking for in a new purse was neutral (black or white preferably) and I really wanted the middle zippered compartment that split your bag into basically 3 parts. Being the crazy organized person I am, I thought this was a great way to organize my purse. I ended up finding the perfect Merona bag and for only $7! (Target for the win, yet again!)

So let me break it down for you…

IMG_2048-1IMG_2041-1Photo credit: Kayla @ Emerald Tide Photography

(I couldn’t decide which view I liked best soooo you get both! Most items in both photos are the same but can you find the differences? 😉 )

Phone – Let’s be real – I don’t go anywhere without this.

Wallet – This gorgeous Thirty-One wallet has been my wallet for the past like 8 or so months. That goes to show how much I love it because I normally switch out my wallets regularly but this one is perfect for me – holds EVERYTHING I need if I need to just run somewhere quick.(And when I just linked this up, I realized they now have a cork print one here – GORGEOUS! I have the matching tote and may need to invest in this wallet now!)

Gum – Fresh breath is a must!

Lipstick – I was never a lipstick wearer until recently. But I’m hooked now (and carry way more than one shade at a time than I’d like to admit!) and love trying different shades and going outside of my comfort zone. It doesn’t hurt that hubs likes it too! The one pictured here is my go-to fav! NYX Matte in Whipped Caviar ♥

Notepad & Pen – I’m ALWAYS writing lists – so my Audrey Hepburn notepad & Thirty-One pen are must’s for me!

Sunglasses – OBSESSED with these stunna shades from TJ-Maxx…I even have a super cute Kate Spade case for them (not pictured) that I got for a steal…$6 from TJ-Maxx!

Keys – Can’t get far without these bad boys… #dodgegirlforlife

Hand Sanitizer – Hubs & I are always using hand sanitizer when we’re out and about & I love Bath & Body Work’s selection!

On-The-Go Teeth Whitening Pen – Thank you to my teeth whitening kit from Smile Sciences, I now never have to worry about yellow teeth even when I’m on the go and need a quick touch up for a last minute event! (Overall review coming to the blog soon!) In the meantime, you can use my code KATE90 to get your kit for only $29 (regularly $299) here!

What are your must-haves for your purse?!


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