Beyond Brunch & Bachelor: Alternative Get-Together Ideas

I’m so excited that I have a legit author doing a guest post on my blog! Today’s post is by Emily Belden, author of Eightysixed!emily4

Confession: I have mild social anxiety. Trust me, this is a terrible problem to have considering I love and adore my friends and actually enjoy putting my wardrobe and makeup collection to good use out on the town. But the older I get, something about counting down to going out gets me worked up. The good news is that I have found a solution: playing hostess

For some people, knowing a big group of people is coming over sends them into overdrive (think Thanksgiving dinner), but for me…it’s the opposite. I feel in-control and excited to welcome others into my home.

Considering I’m always the one to suggest “we do it at my house,” here are a few other ideas besides just brunch or a Bachelor viewing party (two solid options, mind you) to keep my guests coming back for more.

Around The World Wine Party

This is a great spin to your go-to wine-and-cheese night. All you do is assign each of your guests a different region – France, Napa, Australia, etc. Note that it is okay to double up if need-be depending on how many guests are coming. Once you do that, tell each person to grab two bottles of a “cheap” wine from that place ($15 or less). At the party, open each of the first bottles so that everyone can sample all of the wines, hence going “around the world.” When the night wraps, send each person home with one of the second bottles, making sure it’s something other than what they brought. All you have to do as host is pick up an array of cheeses, crackers, napkins, and cups. Wine-wine, win-win.

Taco Night

I don’t know how to cook. But I can do tacos. Meaning: I can put out the components of a taco on my counter and invite others over. What’s great about Taco Night is the hardest part about it is finding parking at Trader Joe’s when picking up your ingredients.  Everything else, short of frying up the ground beef, chicken, or veggies, is putting things (cheese, guac, salsa, etc.) in cute little bowls and arranging them on your kitchen counter. When guests asked what they can bring, divide your responses with Coronas and Margarita Mix and you’ll be Bueno.

Netflix n’ Chill (No, REALLY)

Sometimes when I’m trying to find something to watch on Netflix or Hulu, there’s just so much to choose from, I end up turning the TV off all together. But when it’s someone else’s responsibility to pick what we watch, I’m all in. This is a twist on a “movie night” and actually mirrors a book club set up. Each month, a different friend gets to choose the movie we watch – the trick is it can’t be mainstream. Then after a year, you’ll have hopefully discovered 12 movies you never heard of or seen. As host, snacks are key (think flatbreads and munchies). When your guests at what they can bring, say a “sweet treat” for a fun surprise.

What cool get-together ideas have you been a part of? I’d love to hear more!

You can find Emily at the links below!

Huge thank you to Emily for the guest post! I’m off to plan a night for each of these – they are all up my alley!

If you’d like to do a guest post (or know someone who would be great at it) please email me at as I’d like to keep this going as a regular thing!
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