I’m sure you have heard that cycle classes are a big thing now-a-days – and a cool thing at that. So when one of my friends suggested I take Danielle‘s Rhythm Ride class at SPIRE in the Third Ward of Milwaukee – I thought I’d give it a shot.

So I do what any person does when they hear about something like this – google it! From the photos, the place looked pretty awesome and I definitely wanted to give it a try. I don’t always enjoy working out but I do always feel better after doing so. It always helps me if I’m doing something like a class with other people – so I know we’re all in it together and can cheer each other on.

The only downside I can really say to this was that it is pricey. And that may be the only thing holding me back from doing it again. It is typically $19 per class, but you get your first class free (holla!). Unfortunately, I know I can’t afford $19 every time I’d like to go so that will be the determining factor for returning.

But onto the positives!
The facility is awesome! I love the color scheme. I love that there are encouraging quotes all over. The cycle room is awesome. Air conditioned to keep you cool, the lights are off with cool colored accent lights and loud music (LOVED the music list Danielle picked!) to get you pumped. (They also offer rowing & starting in June TRX classes as well. I think these would be fun to try as well.)

The instructor we had, Danielle, was GREAT! She really gets you pumped up, she seemed awesome at what she does and she motivates you to keep you going. There were definitely a couple times where I was wanting to take a break but her motivating words kept me going. She checked in on us at the beginning to give us a heads up of what to expect because she knew we were new to SPIRE. I noticed her calling a lot of the other participants by name which I thought was awesome. To me, that showed that they are returning customers and that she truly cares for each person in there and wants them to do great!

They give you complimentary towels & they also have a shoe rental program which is optional. It is normally $2 to rent a pair of shoes but it is complimentary for your first class. The shoes are different than your typical gym shoes because the bottom of them are designed to clip into your bike so your feet stay on the pedals. I’m definitely glad I went with the rental shoes because I think it would’ve been very difficult without them.

The class made me SWEAT! I always feel like I accomplished so much more in a workout when I come out drenched in sweat. The beginning was TOUGH for me. I have sports induced asthma so I was really struggling to breathe at the beginning. That feeling eventually passed, fortunately. So you can adjust your resistance accordingly and I definitely went easy on myself for majority of the class. I finally upped the resistance quite a bit towards the end when I was feeling slightly more confident and looking back, I wish I would’ve challenged myself more throughout the whole class. Next time.

Since my blog (and life) are all about balance, you know I had to go get a beer & pizza after my workout. I earned it damnit. DON’T JUDGE.

Today I’m feelin’ pretty good! My ass is quite sore solely from the seat on the bike but the rest of me is feeling good. Tomorrow may be another story though since I’m usually the most sore the second day after my workout. I would definitely be more willing to sign up for another round if the prices were lower!

A huge thank you to Jenell, Alyson & Danielle for allowing me to come in early to take photos, getting us setup, and providing an awesome class!
P.S. Please note: A typical client is paying $19.00/class (only if you’re dropping in). Monthly unlimited memberships allow for a really great value if you’re attending three or more classes a week (typically less than $10 a visit). If you purchase classes in a class pack you can pay as low as $12.50 a class. They also offer a New Client Special: 1 month of unlimited classes for $75.00. Also, they only offer the first class free to Milwaukee residents! Because Milwaukee residents are cool like that. 😉

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